Building Services

When deciding to make a physical change to the infrastructure where your home or business is concentrated, you almost always worry about having a professional take over the operation.

We know how important the remodelling and / or construction processes are that you may need, that is why we provide you with the advice and construction service.

Construction and Maintenance
Service on your property.

Building services

The building services at Solutions Property Maintenance are the most efficient, that’s why, we want to provide you with the construction and maintenance service on your property.
We have the infrastructure and the necessary resources to be able to offer you a quality service, tailored to your needs and with the greatest possible efficiency.


Among the services we can offer you are:

  • Optimization of interior and exterior spaces.
  • Installation of electricity and intelligent lighting systems, which allow significant savings in the payment of this service, and at the same time contribute to environmental care.
  • Installation and improvement of plumbing of pipe networks for the supply of drinking water and wastewater evacuation, as well as heating installations in buildings and other constructions.


“I appreciate the work of SPM, they did a great job in my garden, they did an excellent job.”

“I needed some repairs in the bathroom and they repaired it very well.”

“Work in accordance with what was requested, good in relation to the quality of the service in relation to the price.”

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