Our Services

All our services are to provide you with the best maintenance services in your business, premises, house, apartment or office as you deserve it.

What we want most at Solutions Property Maintenance is to provide the maximum satisfaction to our clients, providing them the assurance guarantee (service policy) when they hire us.

Feel free to find out about each of our services by contacting us, clicking on each of the link or selecting in the navigation menu.

Handyman Services

Solutions Property Maintenance provides a complete maintenance service that focuses on different business lines such as restaurants, pharmacies, stores with a variety of products, etc.

Building services

When deciding to make a physical change to the infrastructure where your home or business is concentrated, you almost always worry about having a professional take over the operation.

Plumbing Services

We carry out repairs and fixing of pipes, plumbing, to repair dampness, or leaks, we have certified and insured plumbers, who provide this pipe repair service 24 hours a day.

Property Refurbishment

A reform is carried out to fix or replace some structural element or deteriorated facilities, because it is in poor condition and cannot be used, to avoid risks in the use of space.

Painting and Decorating

At Solutions Maintenance Services we offer a painting and decoration service for interiors and exteriors


General maintenance

This is a very important task that maintains the order, hygiene and operation of all the facilities of your home and company.

Why Choose Us

At Solutions Property Maintenance we want to provide you with construction and maintenance services on your property.

We know how important the remodeling and/or construction processes that you may need are. That is why we offer you the best advisory and construction service.



From idea to paper, at Solutions Property Maintenance (SPM) we want to help you turn the perfect space into reality by being part of the process.



Plan every detail to make your space have all the right elements in the right place at the right price.



It is wonderful to see the final result of what we wanted, going from our imagination to the reality we can enjoy.

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