Painting and Decorating Services

At Solutions Property Maintenance, SPM, we offer a painting and decoration service for interiors and exteriors.

Painting and decoration for interiors

We offer the service of interior painting and exterior painting, we have a high-quality service provision and optimal performance, for your greater economy, comfort and availability of time.

We have the most qualified and exceptional group of workers, using techniques with clean and polished finishes, professional finishes and properly set spaces.

Looking for a painter? We have at your disposal the most complete painting service, with all the guarantees and the deployment of the most trained and certified personnel.

Our service in interior painting fundamentally includes in the repair of the surface to be intervened, we carry out a completely polished finish of the walls and ceilings, we cure all imperfect areas, cracks, cracks, gaps, and elements adhered or installed on the wall such as They are the toes, plugs, nails, silicone, and other residues. We work in offices, apartments, houses, warehouses, premises, buildings, duplexes, condominiums, parking lots and any other place.

Painting and decoration for exteriors

We carry out facade maintenance, restructuring, painting and renovation of facades and fronts of houses, buildings and all types of residential and commercial space.

At Solutions Property Maintenance, SPM, we have a comprehensive intervention that will revitalize the exterior surface of your property, giving it a fresh and renewed appearance.

We use a comprehensive procedure that, among other processes, includes sealing cracks, changing plates, grouting, repairing, rebuilding, polishing, texturing, waterproofing, and other special treatments required by exterior facade painting.

We have a wide range of paint colours for facades so you can have the tone that best suits your needs.


“I appreciate the work of SPM, they did a great job in my garden, they did an excellent job.”

“I needed some repairs in the bathroom and they repaired it very well.”

“Work in accordance with what was requested, good in relation to the quality of the service in relation to the price.”

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