Plumbing Services

At Solutions Property Maintenance Services, SPM. We carry out repairs and fixing of pipes, plumbing, to repair dampness, or leaks, we have certified and insured plumbers, who provide this pipe repair service 24 hours a day.

At Solutions Property Maintenance, SPM, we repair as much as possible without the need to break or damage the finishes.

We repair without breaking

Our repairs consist of exposed tubes or internal tubes, with which we use leak detectors or leaks, we repair as much as possible without the need to break or damage the finishes, however when a tube is internal or is on the subsoil or walls, this will have a special treatment to repair it with the least possible damage to the finishes that cover it, we guarantee our service with certified plumbers.

We also install pipes, create new outlet points for drinking water or water drains, in the same way we carry out maintenance and uncovering of inspection water boxes.

We attend service requests in London and surrenders areas our technicians have extensive experience in the local repair service, plumbing, roof and roof repair, waterproofing, uncovering among other services, they also have the necessary certificates to guarantee our services both in jobs At heights as required by law, such as social security, this allows us to provide quality service, with guarantee and technical support.


“I appreciate the work of SPM, they did a great job in my garden, they did an excellent job.”

“I needed some repairs in the bathroom and they repaired it very well.”

“Work in accordance with what was requested, good in relation to the quality of the service in relation to the price.”

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